Precision Measuring Instrument & Accessories

1. Mitutoyo Micrometers
  Precision Measuring Instrument & Accessories
  * Standard micrometers (Outside & Inside): All standard & nonstandard ranges & accuracy.

* Special Purpose Outside Micrometers:
Adjustable Anvils type, Blade, Caliper type, Can seam, Crimp height, Depth, Disk, Dial type, Gear tooth, Hub, Indicating Snap
(Or GO/NO-Go type), Low force type, Limit, 

2. Mitutoyo Vernier Calipers & Height Gauges

* Standard & Dial Vernier Caliper: All Standard & nonstandard ranges & accuracy.

* Special Purpose Vernier Caliper: 
Caliper Blade type Carbide Jaws type, Extra smooth Dial movement, Hook type, Inside (Groove, Knife edge & Pointed Jaws), Long Jaws type, Left Handed, Low Force, Neck type, "Nib" style Inside Jaws type, Offset, Offset centerline, Outside Point type, Point Jaw, Parallax -Free reading type, Scriber jaws type, Swivel jaws, Snap (or GO & NO-GO) type, Tube thickness type, Thumb lock type, Long arm dial caliper (Or Pistol caliper).

3. Mitutoyo Dial Gauges Or Dial Indicators
  * Dial Gauges (Plunger type) : In all standard & nonstandard ranges & accuracy.

* Special purpose types : Miniature (or space saving), Larger dial face, Back plunger type, Back plunger type, Jeweled, Shockproof, Dustproof, Waterproof, Reverse reading, One revolution type, Low force type, Balance Dial type, Peak retaining, High precision, Coaxial Counter type, Double scale spacing, Double face type, ANSI Standard metric dial type, etc.

4. Calibration Tools
  Calibration Tools

5. General Purpose Precision & Workshop Tools
  General Purpose Precision and Workshop Tools
  Precision Squares (Engineer's, Bevel edge, Adjustable), Sine Bars, Sine centers, Combination Square Sets, Universal Bevel Protractors, Spring Dividers, Inside & Outside Spring, Firm joint type calipers, Steel Rules, Precision Levels, Micro Jack, Counters ( Revolution, Stroke & Impulse), Circometer (or PI tape), etc.
B. Spares For Precision Measuring Instrument & Accessoriess & Tools
Available ex-stock full range of original spare parts
& Accessories of MITUTOYO Measuring Instruments
  Spares for Precision Measuring Instrument & Accessoriess and Tools

C. Statistical Process Control Tools
  Statistical Process Control (SPC) Tools

Digimatic Mini-Processors, Electronic comparators, axial & Lever probes, SPC Cables, RS-232C cables.

Brands Supplied :


D. Optical Inspection Instruments
  Optical Inspection Instruments

* Magnifiers & their accessories : Large area Magnifiers, Flexible arms magnifiers, Stand magnifiers, Hand held magnifiers, Graticules magnifier & graticules (or retiles) for different measurement purpose, Pocket magnifier & Comparators, Stereo eyeglass magnifiers, Clear Loupe, eye & head loupes, Illumination attachments for above, etc.

* Microscopes : Pocket type, Mini microscope (with & Without stands), Measuring & Stereo microscopes.


E. Precision Gauges
  Precision Gauges
  * Plain plug gauge :  Reversible, Taper lock type, Disc type, Plate type, Key way width type.

* Snap gauges : Single ended type, Double ended type, I type double ended snap, Built up type, Adjustable type.

* Taper gauges : Plug & Ring for standard taper.
* Masters : Master setting Rings for inside measuring & Master Setting Discs for outside measuring instruments.
* Others : Measuring pins sets, Thickness or Feeler Gauges, strips & rolls, Screw pitch gauges, Screw cutting Gauges, Radium gauges, Small hole gauges, Telescopic gauges, Gear tooth gauges, Wire Gauges, Taper gauges, Pinhole (or nozzle) Gauges, Welding gauge, Angel gauge, Acme thread gauge, etc.


F. Testing Instruments
  Surface roughness tester ( or SURFTEST ) & Comparison charts, Hardness tester for rubber, Plastics & metals, Coating thickness gauges, Ultrasonic digital thickness gauges, Tachometers, Stroboscopes, Sound level (Or dB meter), Portable temperature measuring instruments, Laser Thermometers, Digital pH meter, Relative Humidity meter or Hygrometer, Light intensity (both visible & UV light) or Lux meter, Air velocity meter or Anemometer, Optical Density meter or Densitometer, Ultrasonic leak detector, combustible gas detector, Halogen leak detector, Radiation detector, Monitor & alarms, Molybdenum detector, Steel testing kit, Push-Pull meter for force Measurement, Tension gauge, etc.